Celebrate International Women's Day: #PressForProgress For Gender Equality
08 Mar 2018

Celebrate International Women's Day: #PressForProgress For Gender Equality

 Miss Universe Belgium 2018

“As the only female student in my pilot academy class, I will continue to #PressForProgress by being a role model for equality.” 

Miss Universe Canada 2017

"To Push for Progress for gender equality, I promise to do my part in closing the gap by turning ideas and conversations into action."

Miss Universe Ghana 2017

"To every beautiful woman out there; each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, or possibly without claiming it, she stands up for all women."

Miss Universe Ireland 2017

“Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Miss Universe Tanzania 2017

"International women's day is today and I will continue to #pressforprogress by being a role model for equality."

Miss Universe Portugal 2017

Translation: "Happy Women's Day! To all who are proud to be a woman, represent us with courage, charm, and determination."

Miss Universe Croatia 2017

"To #PressForProgress I will celebrate women role models and their journeys."

Miss Universe Panama 2017

"Happy International Women’s Day. It is my responsibility as a woman to #PressForProgress by motivating young girls to succeed in life as professionals, powerful and strong women . Do what you love with confidence and strength."

Miss Universe Ukraine 2017

Translation: "Today the whole world is celebrating the international day of struggle for women's rights and international peace. You can contribute to gender equality with us."

Miss Universe France 2018

Translation: "We are women and we are proud."

Miss Universe Malaysia 2018

"It’s March 8th today, let’s make this day a day for all of us to remember the importance of striving for gender equality because gender equality is not a woman’s issue, it’s a human issue, it affects us all. Join me in #pressforprogress as a collective effort to eradicate this social issue. Happy International Women’s Day."

Miss Universe Austria 2017

"International Women’s Day is today and I will continue to #PressForProgress by being a role model for equality"

How will YOU #PressForProgress for gender equality this International Women's Day? Share with us by tagging @MissUniverse and #PressForProgress. Together, we can make a change.