Tanzanian Former Beauty Queen Creates Successful Body-Care Brand From Parents’ Backyard
11 Aug 2017

Tanzanian Former Beauty Queen Creates Successful Body-Care Brand From Parents’ Backyard - Hellen Dausen may have once been Miss Universe Tanzania, but these days she’s making a name for herself as the founder of Nuya’s Essence, a natural bath and body-care brand that she launched in June 2014.

While Nuya’s Essence is now a success, the company’s early days could not be described as a promising start. Dausen, who was named Miss Universe Tanzania in 2010, started the business by building a soap-making plant in her parents’ backyard in Zanzibar. Unfortunately, it was deemed not up to standard by regulating authorities and Dausen was ordered to destroy it.

This setback didn’t deter Dausen, 29, and she rebuilt the plant. This time, it passed inspection. Today, her handcrafted natural bath and body care products such as soaps, body oil and lotions made from botanical oils, butters, herbs and spices are growing in popularity.

Dausen was born and raised in Dar es salaam, Tanzania to a family of six children. Her schooling has been between Tanzania and Kenya, having earned her Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship from United States International University in Nairobi.

Dausen tells AFKInsider how she is continuing to grow her business.

AFKInsider: You started off by making an investment in a soap-making plant in your parents’ backyard. Why did you decide to do this?

Hellen Dausen: It was the best option at that moment and it was a free space. Besides, it was a new business, a totally new concept for Tanzanians to grasp, hence it would not have been wise to rent out space elsewhere. I wanted to minimize costs as much as I could, so I did.

AFKInsider: How did you deal with the news that it was not up to regulation?

Hellen Dausen: It was very hard for me. I really cried so much that night, it was my first failure and did not know what to do. But my biggest concern was for other youth who have amazing ideas and do not have parents to back them up. Where do they go? And the government won’t accommodate their small business until they flourish. That’s why as much as our government encourages entrepreneurship; so many people cannot live their dreams, so many youth are scared to even start.

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